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Load, clean, store, update and interact with your marketing data online.

  • No hardware or software for you to purchase or manage.
  • No long term contracts, no sign-up fees, no monthly fees and no termination fees. Cancel anytime for any reason.
  • listsOnline provides the only no-cost platform for storing, cleaning, updating and querying marketing and contact data.
    You'll only pay when you export data.
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minimum to export up to 10,000 records

$3/ per thousand

for additional records over 10,000

  • Load Your Data

    FTP, email or send us a disk with your marketing data. We will set-up, format and convert your data into our secure relational database environment.

    No Charge
  • Clean Your Data

    listsOnline will clean your data using our DataClean data hygiene technology (including CASS & NCOA).

    No Charge
  • Store Your Data

    We will store all of your marketing and contact data in our secure database environment.

    No Charge
  • Update Your Data

    When you have an update to your files, send it over. We will update and clean your new data and then import it through our merge/purge processing into the existing corresponding database.

    No Charge
  • Interact with Your Data

    See your data, run & save counts and get reports 24/7 through the most cutting-edge online count system available anywhere.

    No Charge
  • Output Your Data

    You only pay when you export records.
    $50 minimum per output for up to 10,000 records + $3/M for additional records over 10,000.