About Us

Reinventing marketing database management

listsOnline was founded with the mission to apply the latest online technology; simple, inexpensive pricing; and, great customer service to database marketing.

The listsOnline founders originally started out building an attorney referral and directory business focused on connecting lawyers with new clients. As our business grew, we worked with a number of data processing companies. Our experience with these companies included high prices, limited or no online access to our data and inconsistent customer service. After years of frustration working with these overpriced, underwhelming services, we decided to do something about it.

We started working on listsOnline in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado. Through Boulder's abundant high-tech talent pool, we assembled a team of leading database developers, user-interface experts and web site designers. We spent one year designing, building and testing (with beta clients) new systems to store, update and access marketing data. Together, we built a breakthrough, highly-scalable database environment and combined it with a cutting-edge, intuitive interface for easily accessing large volumes of data online. We continue to focus on bringing new technology and innovation to marketing database management.

You can check out listsOnline for your company for free. There is no charge to load your data and access it via the listsOnline interface. There are no long term contracts, no sign-up fees, no monthly fees and no termination fees. You can cancel anytime for any reason.

Contact us today to get your data up and running with listsOnline.

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