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Data security is our top priority.

At listsOnline, we have committed extensive resources to the design, implementation and maintenance of our security infrastructure.

Protection is built in at every level to lock down and secure uploading, storing and accessing of our hosted data.

Protection at the network level

  • Servers reside behind a sophisticated firewall that selectively grants access to network resources.
  • Multiple internet backbone connections provide routing redundancy and high performance connectivity.
  • Data on the listsOnline platform is backed up and protected with secure onsite and offsite backup drives and servers.

Protection at the application level

  • Files are uploaded to listsOnline through secure password-protected FTP sites.
  • Authorized users can only access your data through assigned User ID's & Passwords.

Protection at the facilities level

  • Our multiple servers connect to the Internet through two DS3 connections multi-homed through three providers.
  • listsOnline servers and hardware are located in a 24/7 monitored environment protected by electronic key systems, guard check-ins and round-the-clock video surveillance.
  • Primary and backup power systems feature multiple power feeds, UPS devices and backup generators to ensure your data is online all the time.
  • Our database environment is compliant with TIA-942 Tier 3 standards of performance, security, and reliability.

Unlimited Scalability

listsOnline is massively scalable.

  • No programming or database administration for you to worry about.
  • Our secure cloud infrastructure means there is no hardware or software for you to purchase or manage.
  • Through listsOnline, you can store and access marketing databases with millions of records. We will process, index and make your data easily searchable online.


Keep your marketing data clean & accurate.

Your marketing data is only valuable to you and your company if it is accurate. listOnline's DataClean processing ensures your data's accuracy by validating postal address deliverability, email address formats and phone number sequences.

When we receive your data, we run each record through our DataClean multi-step setup and hygiene processes at no charge.


  • Contact name, email, phone and postal addresses validation, standardization & formatting.
  • CASS (USPS Certified-Address Standardization processing).
  • NCOA (USPS National Change of Address processing).
  • Identify & merge duplicate records.
  • Data surfacing (secure access to your clean data through the listsOnline interface)
  • Business/residence address identification & coding
  • Gender identification & coding

  • Zip4 append

The Interface

See + Touch your marketing database like never before.

listsOnline has created a revolutionary way to visualize, manipulate and interact with your data.

Multiple users can access your marketing data in real time - anytime - through our secure, intuitive and easy to use interface.

The listsOnline interface lets you:

  • See a full view of your marketing files and all available selections.
  • Dig deeper into counts to analyze existing subsets.
  • Specify database fields to include/exclude from data exports.
  • Physically manipulate selections through drag and drop functionality.
  • View & export analytical reports on files and counts.
  • Arrange the sequence for where each database field appears in an export.
  • Quickly & easily run unlimited count combinations - usually in sub-second response times.
  • Omit against saved counts and prior orders in real time.
  • Instantly download your marketing data to your computer.

Seamless Transition

Get started for free. No sign-up fees, no monthly fees & no long term contracts.

Ready to move your data to listsOnline? Our team of experienced database professionals is here to help you.

listsOnline is committed to making data transfers seamless and secure. Whether you have one file or multiple databases, our dedicated transition team will work closely with you to securely transfer your files and get you and your data up and running on the the listsOnline platform.

Once your data is loaded, you can easily and securely access it online anytime from anywhere. We will provide you with an in-depth introduction to our user-friendly online interface; information on how to update your data; and, any ongoing support you need.

Find out how you can dramatically improve the way you interact with your data.

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